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Default Re: Swinging Ninja Surpirse Kick Prank

That was weak. I find it odd that most prank nowadays are not creative and not funny. It's a cheap pop or laugh.

Most pranks on youtube are done by kids who don't even know what a good prank is. They resort to punching one another, kicking one another and anything that involves bodily harm.

So if I blindsided you and knocked you the F out...does that constitute a good prank?

Like the prank on saw the other day on youtube that was downright stupid and could get someone hurt if they chose to retaliate. This chick straight kicks her boyfriend in the nuts and called it a prank?

Or the chick that smacks boyfriends head with a cookie platter?

In those instances, the women could have been severely beaten to death in self defense from their boyfriends.
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