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Default Re: The Ruin of the Mass Effect Series

I liked Mass Effect 2 the most. Which actually surprises me because I didn't really care for any of the new characters it introduced. Thane was cool I guess. But I mostly stuck to bringing Tali and Garrus along on missions because they were the most interesting companions. I'm also an RPG fan and was a little disappointed at first how that was trimmed down. It was a trade-off for the action/combat aspects of the gameplay being greatly improved.

Given that, I still think it was the best in the series and that's a testament to the strength of the storytelling in the game. It was incredible. The opening scenes with your "death", the reveal of the new Normandy (the direction of this moment would have been amazing in any high-budge sci-fi movie), the companion-specific missions, meeting up with Ashley again, playing as Joker!!!!, and the tense final mission. It was all crafted and paced so damn well.

While I didn't really like most of the new characters, the game served as good introduction to them. This was ME3's strength. The way they handled Mordin, Jack, and Thane was fantastic. It's a shame that the entire last sequence was reduced to something so emotionally empty. It seemed like this was a series that was well planned out and to only have a, seemingly, tacked on "press button 1, 2 or 3" choice to end it was a gigantic disappointment. It totally cheapend the Reaper threat and your journey to get to that point.
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