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Default Re: Palestinian immigrants gets a house worth $2 500 000 for free

Originally Posted by Scholar
Do you not see the hypocrisy in your post, man? So you're okay with Brits calling Americans stupid, but it's not okay for Americans to call Brits stupid?

I guess it's fine to give out examples for why Americans are stupid, but when OP makes one about Brits, suddenly it's sacrilegious.

When did I say Americans can't call Brits stupid?

Read the last sentence of his original post. He says "And British people call Americans stupid."

That implies that Brits shouldn't call Americans stupid, right? in fact he's the one that is saying one side shouldn't be calling the other side stupid....i simply said this example doesn't mean Americans aren't retards at times and Brits are fine to call them out when warranted (and vice versa) following me or do I need to use larger font?

See, at least in Bruinlove's response to my post he just claims Brits are more stupid....whereas you called me out for being a hypocrite, which I just cleared up quite nicely, thus the only thing you added to this thread was your lower than normal level of reading comprehension.

But please respond with another face palm...I'd love to see what follows next time.....
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