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Default Re: Palestinian immigrants gets a house worth $2 500 000 for free

Originally Posted by Nick Young
It proves the entire British government and taxpayers are stupid for creating a system in the first place that allows shit like this to happen. Stupid Americans never created a country that hands out 2.5 million$ homes out to immigrants for free and then uses $100,000 of the taxpayers dollars to fix it up after the immigrants smash it up.

I'm currently in Brighton right now for my cousins wedding and I believe my aunt is in some type of government housing (of some sort not like these immigrant bums) with her daughter and her fiancee (makes good money). Well, they were up for a remodeling of their kitchen or bathroom if it was in a bad enough state. So my cousin took a hammer to the tile to make it look shitty so they could get it remodeled. Ended up being a point short of it getting remodeled.

Pretty sure it's taxpayer money paying for it too. She has a job now too as a driver instructor but before then she would pick up applications and turn them into to make it look like she was applying for job and continue to get government money. It made no sense to me and disgusted me. I'm sure shit like that goes on in America as well. I just wasn't raised like that...
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