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Default Re: Whats the best movies you've watched on Blu Ray?

Originally Posted by Raz
I'm still happy with DVD. Blue Ray looks like a fad. I'll wait until the next technology to change. The name Blue Ray just reeks of lameness, like mini-disc.

GOBB, tell the truth. Did you have a mini-disc player? I make mistakes, too...... stupid ass Sega CD.

This is ridiculous.

I waited a bit until prices came down and I've gotten three years of use of my bluray player. You can get an excellent Panasonic bluray player for $99. If you don't want to rebuy your DVD collection, you don't have to. You can rent blu-rays from Netflix.

It's a noticeable bump in picture quality from DVD and it's even better than HD movies via cable.

If you don't have a HD TV, then it's one thing. However, if you have an HD TV and you're a movie fan blu-ray is definitely worth it and it won't be replaced within five years because the bulk of the market is not going to move beyond 1080p HD for a while.
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