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Default Re: Team USA gets first win in Mexico

Originally Posted by Canelo_Griffin
Doesn't count?

So the US win over Mexico on Wednesday doesn't count since the Home team was automatically supposed to win, no questions asked. The 90+ minutes of play are just for shits and giggles. South Africa should have been awarded the World Cup in 2010, Germany in 2006 and Korea/Japan should have shared the Cup in 2002. Also, France's World Cup should be revoked because they were playing at home and it doesn't count since it's a well known fact that the home team plays with 5 extra players, can use their hands at any time, and each red card they receive awards them 3 extra goals and deducts 2 goals from the away team

Dude, it's pretty much a fact that Mexico is head and shoulders above the USMNT in terms of quality players and overall play right now. In fact, one US website even went as far as saying that the US is closer to 3rd, 4th, or 5th place in the Concacaf than they are to Mexico's undisputed place at the top. That may be a little too extreme but that just goes to show what the general sentiment is regarding US vs. Mexico.

Yeah, Mexico was supposed to win because of the severe home field advantage there and you know it. Don't even try to compare South Africa to Mexico. You do know Bolivia has beaten Argentina and Brazil badly in Bolivia right? You know why? Home field advantage due to the extremely high elevation. Same deal in Mexico. Mexico is one of the many places where it's pretty much an unfair advantage right from the start due to the nasty air and elevation. Eric Wynalda threw up blood when he played there. Any of that go on in any of the cities you listed?

And if Mexico is head and shoulders, they would've won you idiot. Nasty air, extremely high elevation USA is not used to, supposedly better quality players and Mexico still couldn't win. How pathetic. You mexicans keep trying to delude yourself that it's pre-2000 and Mexico is head and shoulders about USA when that isn't even close to being true. It's been dead even since.

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