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Default Re: Serge Ibaka has reached agreement on a four-year, 48 million contract extension

Originally Posted by knickballer
This is a great deal. He's a nice fit for the scorers they have on that squad and Ibaka should only improve.

If Andy V, Javele McGee, Nene, Ben Wallace, etc, can all get huge contracts that this contract for Ibaka is a steal.

I don't think Perkins gets amnied this season. I think they'll want him as a weapon against Dwight in the playoffs.

I think the hype surrounding Perkins and his defense against Dwight is nearing barf material. Perkins is and always has been a far better defender on Bynum than Dwight (which makes the trade all the more interesting). Perkins does not do well at all against mobile players at the center position, hence he spent alot of time on the bench this past post season, as teams realize this weakness of OKC. He's the furthest thing from an offensive threat, and when guarding the pick and roll he goes from a defensive presence to a defensive liability - bad news for OKC with the emergence of Nash/Kobe pick and roll combo with Dwight.

Though Perkins is probably better to have than resorting to Collison or what ever big man they could receive back in a salary dump trade, Perkins is expendable in terms of what he offers (or doesn't offer) on the court. I think looking back, Sam Presti may regret trading Jeff Green for Perkins instead some cheap, bench depth. He'll also probably regret giving him the money he did, considering Perkins had little to do with OKC's success in the playoffs last year (it was their young guns that led the way to the Finals).

Amnestying Perk doesn't get you anything in return, and once Ibaka and Harden's (if he also resigns) contracts kick in, OKC will be hard-pressed to find a starting quality center for the cheap through free agency. Trading Perk will probably be the best option for OKC, and the sooner the better, as his value will continue to decrease as time goes on.
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