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Default Re: Palestinian immigrants gets a house worth $2 500 000 for free

Originally Posted by knickballer
Pretty much this. Social welfare creates laziness and ignorance among the users of these programs.. You see it in the US and elsewhere in the world..

This shit is worst in Norway and Sweden where they are extremely liberal and too civilized. Here's a video basically a bunch of Somali's abusing the welfare system in Norway
The prisons in Norway are so cushy, they get their own private rooms, TV, get good education, low sentences, delicious meals and as much time outside as they want. A girl I used to date from their said immigrants would let themselves get caught on purpose and keep doing it so they get the nice hotel-style rooms and free meals.

Also this same girl was given $1000 a month just because her mom was divorced. Free money she will never have to pay back.

Max sentences are what, 7 years or 12 years or something?

Imagine how nice that mass murderer who killed 80s kids will have it, free hotel room and TV and gourmet meals paid for by the state, ooo yeh
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