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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
I agree that Nets being high up there is hardly a given.

D-Will has a horrible attitude and Joe Johnson can disappear for multiple games in a row.

Williams has an attitude problem? I'm not very familiar with that other than the whole Jerry Sloan thing.

The Nets are definitely a mystery of a team, but with health, they could definitely compete for home court advantage in the east. Playing in the toughest division in the East may hurt their record a bit, but I think they're an obvious playoff team with the ability to make a pretty decent run.

-Joe Johnson playing with the best PG he's ever played with
-Deron Williams playing with the best swingman he's ever played with.
-Health from Williams and Lopez will go a long way
-Gerald Wallace can focus on his defense/rebounding with Johnson on board
-MarShon Brooks probably continues to improve
-Reggie Evans AND Kris Humphries taking the brunt of the dirty work away from Lopez.

They aren't the deepest team, but if they could add another 3 point threat to their bench, I think they're in a pretty favourable position going forward.
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