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Default Re: Palestinian immigrants gets a house worth $2 500 000 for free

Originally Posted by Nick Young
I dont think immigrants should matter, it's good Britain accepts people from other parts of the world and the culture in London I've found was the least racist of all the big cities I've ever been to. For example you see loads of gangs that are mixed race, everyone gets along, when a black guy gets on the bus people dont move away from him-in LA I see that shit all the time and i NEVER see mixed race gangs.

Also Britain lets its own citizens freeload off the state just as badly as these guys.

If someone wanted to, they could never have to work a single day in their lives, get free university, healthcare and 300 pounds a month and a free home for their entire lives. Leftist idiots I talk to always say Im just a stereotypical hardline conservative fascist American who is exaggerating, but I've been here for 2 years living in Mile End and Plaistow and have met hundreds of people who tell me as much, how they never have to work and just go out every night.

Where's the motivation to look for jobs when you get more money and benefits doing nothing then you would working your ass off.

Stupid system. The Healthcare is amazing but the other social benefits are horrible for the society which is why it's crumbling and leading to a culture of entitlement where the British people grow up expecting everything to be handed to them which culminated in the riots where a bunch of kids felt entitled to free ipods and went smashing up a bunch of stores to get them.

How much tax do you pay in the UK?

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