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Default Re: Team USA gets first win in Mexico

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
That was played in Mexico City...huge home field advantage. Doesn't count.

More like that was 99, the list was from 2000 and on.

Originally Posted by Canelo_Griffin
Dude, it's pretty much a fact that Mexico is head and shoulders above the USMNT in terms of quality players and overall play right now. In fact, one US website even went as far as saying that the US is closer to 3rd, 4th, or 5th place in the Concacaf than they are to Mexico's undisputed place at the top. That may be a little too extreme but that just goes to show what the general sentiment is regarding US vs. Mexico.

They are so much better that they lost in conditions they are more used to than the US national team. It'd be like the US hosting Mexico in Buffalo every winter and see how the Mexicans do.

And @ Mexico being the undisputed top place in Concacaf with the US being 5th. I guess Honduras & Trinidad/Tobago > US
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