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Default Re: Team USA gets first win in Mexico

Originally Posted by qrich
They are so much better that they lost in conditions they are more used to than the US national team. It'd be like the US hosting Mexico in Buffalo every winter and see how the Mexicans do.
It's not the altitude that causes it to be an advantage, it's usually the 105k+ fans. Less than 55,000 fans showed up for this game. Once again, no one cared about this game in Mexico. People in Mexico don't even consider USA to be their biggest rival because they don't respect the USMNT bunker ball because they play Mexico the same as Costa Rica, Salvador, Trinidad-Tobago do.

It's usually the Mexican-Americans who consider it a rivalry because they have to deal with irrational Americans and are brainwashed by ESPN and Univision trying to make it a rivalry.
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