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Default Re: Dr. Buss is all in this year

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Jim Buss is the one calling the shots now. He has been trying to go for superstar players for a while..
Fun fact, Jim Buss also drafted Bynum. Nice surprise eh?

The guy just built you a contending team. Relax and have fun the next few seasons.
Yes I see no indication that Jim is calling the shots.. remember reading some article on lakersholic or forumbluengold that stated that midway into the 2011 season Jim couldn't be reached by anybody (including our brilliant GM) and didn't have freaking office hours so that he could be contacted. It seems like he cared more about his horses than the ferrari of a team his dad built in the Lakers.

Originally Posted by crisoner
Let's give Mitch some props....

Before any GM pulls the trigger (especially on big-contract, big $ moves) he has to get a go-ahead from the owner, obviously since it's the owners who will cutting the checks for all those contracts. Mitch definitely did his part but ultimately someone still has to ok it, and that person wasn't Jim Buss. I know what type of person (basketball wise) Dr. Buss is after watching my Lakers for two decades, think how similar this is to the Malone/Payton offseason, or even the Kobe/Shaq one.

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