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Default pretty sure RG3 will bust

Pretty much watched every baylor game from k-state and on last year. RG3 is as raw a qb prospect you'll ever see. Dude rarely needed to read through his progressions, as he was a one read and run type, and headed a quintessential college offense if i've ever seen one. Screen after screen after screen.
Luckily for him, he had a fairly compatible receiving corps surrounding him replete with track athletes that greatly complemented his best and maybe only viable attribute: the deep ball. Dude had no poise, rarely was asked to make a 3-5 step drop, had horrible footwork, is EASILY flustered and rarely was accurate on his intermediate throws. just not nfl starting qb material, at least at the moment. wanted to make this thread around draft time, but didn't feel like it. watching dude play today sorta rekindled and inspired chit
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