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Default Re: EuroBasket 2013 Qualifiers

Originally Posted by Alan
What does a Bosman player mean? Serious question.

It means a foreign player, that has a European passport. Kangur is a foreign player in Italy, since he's European, he counts as a Bosman player.

For example, this is counted separate than other foreign players. Like in Italy, you can have 7 foreign players out of the active 12 man roster. 4 can be non-Bosman (Americans, Australians, Argentines, etc.) and 3 can be Bosman (Europeans that don't have an Italian passport).

It's basically the same in every national league in Europe. It's just that the numbers vary. Like in the Greek League, you can have 4 non-Bosman players, and 2 Bosman players on the 12 man active roster.
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