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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Philadelphia has greatly improved their team. I actually think that Arnett Moultrie will have a very good rookie season. Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young will have a lot more responsibilities but I think they will both thrive with Iggy out of the way. Nick Young is a pretty hot and cold player but he is a definite threat from beyond the arc. And as Bokes said, add in the veteran leadership and athleticism of Jason Richardson, you've got a pretty dangerous team capable of making some noise.
In all honesty, IMO even as a 1-1 trade Bynum >>>> Iggy. Amazing trade for the Sixers to get Bynum and Jrich for Iggy. He's actually 3 years younger and a bigger impact player due to his size and position. As I said If he can get his attitude in check and remain relatively healthy, they're in for a steal. Then they can plug in Nick Young for instant offense off the bench behind J-Rich. I wasn't aware that Lou Will went to the Hawks, so that may hurt their depth a little but who knows maybe Jrue Holiday will step up and have a break out season. He's only 22. And playing with a true back to the basket Center will help all those perimeter guys out anyways.
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