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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I don't think anyone ever came close to fighting so many tough fights in one night like in the movie. I remember Gracie had to pull out once because his 1st round match took too much out of him. Not only that, I doubt any organization would allow a fighter to do that. The MMA was pumped up to almost cartoon levels in this movie. At least when it came to the big tournament.

That's the same with any movie based on combat sports, just look at the Rocky movies, it was more rock-em-sock-em robots than it was boxing

They tend to go for entertainment over realism.


Just caught this on TV yesterday for the first time. I really slept on this for too long. Pixar keeps churning out one great animated flick after the other (with a hiccup every once in a while). Really engaging movie even though the majority of it could be classified as a silent film. The animation was top notch. Great, very creative story with a message.


I haven't seen this in years and it must've slipped my attention in the past just how terrible and ridiculous this movie was. Some of the worst over-the-top acting I've seen on film and the whole thing seemed cartoonish. It honestly felt like the 60s Batman camp show set during the crack epidemic. Terrible, terrible movie. When Chris Rock gives by far the best performance, you know you're watching shit.
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