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Default Re: Brandon Jennings wants contract extension from Bucks

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
The Bucks might as well just tie their fate to this chucker now and just commit to being irrelevant until he's out of the league.

He isn't a chucker he just isn't being used properly. Scott Skiles tries to make him a spot up 3-point shooter rather than giving him free roam of the offense. Coming off screens, pick and roll, shooting under or over a screener is his best game. Basically BJ ain't a spot up shooter. He needs a coach that would design drives for him he rarely gets to the line for a player of his talent. Scott runs a good offense and pace but it doesn't translate to winning b-ball at all.

IMO they need to blow it up and just let BJ do whatever he wants. In a pretty stacked offense he had a career year. Bucks need defense
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