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Default Re: Free throw routine?

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Is practicing handles/shooting outside much worse than in a gym? I like your suggestion of dividing time to practice by myself but also play pickup games on the weekend. I think I can get significantly better in the two months before tryouts.

You can practice handles anywhere. But shooting, i'd recommend an indoor gym where you can make sure that the rims are straight, regulation 10 ft. Alot of park rims are double rim where you don't get soft rolls, or bent, or not regulation.

As a shooter, you want to see the ball go in the hoop

Yeah you need time to work on developing your skill, but you need to put your skill into action at pretty much any type of live contest 3 v 3, 5 v 5, 21, one-on-one. be a ball player. Your young don't be picky.

But it should be about 80% working on skill 20% live contest. To many times with ppl your age especially its 90% live contest 10% working on skill. and most ppl don't get better that way.

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