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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

So I didnt wanna open a thread for this but I thought an interesting convo started about sneaker performance.Based on performance, what are your favorite basketball sneakers you've owned guys? Growing up playing ball damnnear every minte f my life, here were some of mine:

So comfortable. Having had multiple ankle injuries growing up, these had great ankle support even tough they were mi tops. The Pump actually had a benefit. It made the shoe tighter in all th right places. Then when the game was over, you could release the air and just say ahhhhhhhh lol. (Like a fart lol) I had this exact colorway of course.

As you can see, these, despite being a different brand, resemle the pumps in height and structure. They were a little lighter IMO and had great traction for stop and go. The first time I ever made someone fall in an organized game, I was wearing these lol.

I LOVED these sneakers. This chick I used to mess with from BK bought me these when I was in college. Iremember Marbury used to rock these before he got hs And 1 contract. These are AMAZING basketball shoes. My only issue is the laces. It's almost impossible to lace them up or remove the laces (Maybe I missed something). I actually still ave these i my closet. My wife has been trying to throw them out but they kee mysteriously ending up back in the closet Theyre so worn out on th bottom from playing park basketball outside that they feel slick like dress shoes on the bottom

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