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Default 'Should college basketball players be paid?'

I don't know if anyone's been following this CBS Sports poll where they ask nearly 100 college basketball coaches concerning questions most fans wonder. Some of the past were like... regarding: World Wide Wes, underachieving coaches, which of their peers "cheat", AAU relationship, etc...

Anyhow, most of them had been rather predictable, imo. Names you would expect to see have shown up and yes/no questions have leaned the way one would predict. Today's question, however, surprised me a little.

The question is: Should college basketball players be paid, and if so, how would you compensate them?
  • YES - 58 percent
  • NO - 42 percent

Now obviously this has been brought up regularly over the past few years. And I'm going to guess this will never happen because how do you separate revenue sports vs. non-revenue. You can't pay the football and basketball players and give nothing to lacrosse, rowing... What about cheerleading or debate? Where does it end? But I thought it was surprising how majority of college basketball coaches believe the players deserve some type of pay, outside of their free schooling.

Here is the link to the previous questions:
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