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Default Re: Go-to 1v1 move?

In the post it's the KG high release turnaround jumper, sometimes after a head fake, with the up and under as a counter (or at least the first step to my counter).

Facing up Pierce step back is the only move defenders can't find an answer for against me. If I haven't created enough separation with it, I might either drive to the basket (occasionally after a spin) or pump fake, plant my foot ahead of the defender and shoot off the glass (or I'll sometimes do the Wade if I really have no other way, but I don't like it, it's not a very... honorable play, for lack of a better word).
Another move I like when facing up closer to the basket is one dribble and turnaround. Turnarounds are really the main part of my repertoire.

...I just realized I should watch the Celtics more often before playing.
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