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Default Re: We still need a backup center IMO

Originally Posted by dd24
I agree, more teams means the overall talent gets watered down. Imagine getting rid of two teams and putting their star players on other teams.... I still think the new rules have a play in it too though. I'd much rather have basketball with a 3 point line than without.

Yeah, contracting 2-4 teams would make the talent level on the remaining teams crazy good, I mean who would actually miss a few of these bad

I loved watching the more exciting brand of basketball in the ABA, they really did some crazy stuff, I loved the 3pt shot for them but I was completely against it for the NBA. Teams didn't take to it at first but gradually more and more shots were taken......just look at how few 3's Bird shot compared to Kobe.
Now I really enjoy it even though it is overused.
My pet peeve.....or one of them is when you have a 2 on 1 fastbreak and one guy pulls out to the 3pt line and takes a shot. My players know not to do this because I'll go nuts and give them an ear full if they miss......even if they make it I'll still grill them.
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