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Default Re: Lebron is NOT more skilled than Jordan (who isn't even the most skilled player ever)

Originally Posted by Vertical-24
LeBron may be nearly as talented and definitely as physically gifted as MJ (if not more), but skilled? Come on, and that's not a stab at LeBron but as far as overall skillset...LeBron is clearly inferior. Maybe down the road LeBron may have a case for GOAT, he's one of the most complete, well rounded, and productive players our league has ever seen. But at this point, LeBrons offensive game relies more on sheer athleticism, size and brute force than anything else aside from his great passing abilitity and playmaking.

And I'll agree, while I believe MJ is the greatest, I also don't believe he's the most "skilled". Kobe has a case for being more skilled than Michael even though he is not as good as him

Yeah great, and this 5'3 dude i know from my hood is the most skilled player on earth. I'd easily take Kwame Brown or Joel Anthony over him though.
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