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Default Re: 'Should college basketball players be paid?'

I say only pay the players if they sign individual endorsement deals that does not use any college funds. If Sprite wants to give Jabari Parker a deal, let them do it.

All I don't want to see is Universities paying players using funds that should be going to education and academics, especially public universities that's using tax dollars.

It'd be nice if the player could choose to get a deal, but at the same time, has to pay for his own college tuition. Most likely that'd sign a large enough deal where paying college would be possible. That way the university could save a ton of money and re-allocate it back to academics (ideally--I know some programs probably just use it to re-invest into athletics).

But the reality is that players should just be allowed to go to the NBA straight him high school. Watching guys waste 1 year of college is just a waste. It makes a mockery of the entire system.
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