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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by knicksman
as long as melo is here, this team is going nowhere. The guy is a cancer. He made lin, fields, worse. And why is that? because hes a ball stopper and clogs the paint with his post up BS. Melo is a low IQ player. instead of focusing on playing like a guard, he instead played like a big man. Sorry but no team has yet won with an undersized big. Bird, johson, lebron won because they are big men who plays like guards. They face up and played off the ball. Thats why durant and lebron are battling in the finals while melo is a constant first rounder. Those guys are more effective scorers as evidenced by their FG%. They may have few moves but they have the more important and effective moves while melo is what you call quantity over quality. More moves but less effective. Or the style over substance.

Thats why melo is the easiest player to stop coz posting up is the least effective style. Just look at his games against the top defensive teams. He always disappear thats why he had a lot of bad games in the playoffs.

Sorry but only low IQ players focus on being a post up. Posting up is the least effective and its dependent on height and strength. Thats why only big men are effective on it. You dont see guards posting up because its not effective. Im sure if they can post, they would but not with big men. Im sure every big man wants to face up or play like dirk or durant but they cant coz its just too hard for them. Thats why I laugh at people who thinks melo is better than amare. LOL The end result just speaks for itself. Amare has been contending since his 3rd yr while melo is not a 1st option but a 2nd option during their only run to the WCF coz hes not a 25-30ppg scorer but a 22 ppg. Amare is a big man that plays like a guard while melo is an undersized big.
Holy shit- read it again and it gets even dumber. You really should avoid posting on theory of the game. Posting up is very important and effective at any size- have you never really seen Jordan, Kobe, Paul pierce, magic, on and on and on......

How did you ever come up with those thoughts? Im sorry to hate on you but really feel bad for you
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