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Default Re: Which EC team will be the biggest disappointment?

Originally Posted by niko
Well, Philly did what the Cavs didn't have the balls to do (Kyrie is going to look so sharp in his Laker or Net jersey) so not them. The Nets will be a playoff team so not them. And the Knicks so not them.

The Cavs winning 2 of every ten games doesn't qualify as dissapointing to you?

No. I'd be happy. i don't want the cavs to make the playoffs this year, they need another tank year.

besides, how can my cavs disappoint when they've been in the lottery the past 2 seasons?

I chose these three teams not to troll, but because NJ and Philly made major roster moves to get better, and NY had a tumultuous season in 2012 and really underperformed.

My vote goes to NY as the most disappointing.
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