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Default Re: Lebron is NOT more skilled than Jordan (who isn't even the most skilled player ever)

Originally Posted by cavsfanatic
Skills are scoring, rebounding, passing, and defense right? Jordan is superior in scoring but IMO Lebron is better at rebounding and passing. Defense about even.. Lebron is severely overrated on Defense on how he guards every position because he get's torched from time to time. Jordan wasn't guarding many great scorers though.

Jordan is god to me but I'm not blind to players doing things better than him.

No, skills aren't the same thing as the ABILITY to do those things. Ability is ability, and can be attributable to any number of factors (skill, natural ability a la Magic for passing etc.). First off, Jordan was a more skilled rebounder than Lebron (timing/positioning, footwork/boxing out, reading the ball in the air etc.) and there is a case to be made that Lebron isn't even a better rebounder than Jordan, only equal (I would certainly take Jordan over Lebron if I needed a big rebound). At best it's a marginal difference. Lebron may be a better passer - again, only marginally if so. And much of this is due to his natural vision/size as opposed to technical SKILL in passing. Defense is certainly NOT even - Jordan wins that handily, especially the SKILL areas of defense (footwork, rotations etc.). Jordan DESTROYS Lebron in terms of post game, footwork (in any context), off-ball movement, screen usage/setting, use of fakes, craftiness etc.

Honestly, it's not really close. ROOKIE Jordan was doing things skill-wise that you still don't see from Lebron TODAY.
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