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Default Re: Lebron is NOT more skilled than Jordan (who isn't even the most skilled player ever)

Originally Posted by bizil
I agree! Lebron scoring skillset is what holds him back some in the skill for skill argument. Sure he's a great scorer, but when u break down his scoring skillset, he's only truly great at finishing in transition and slashing to the rack. When u look at MJ's scoring skillset, he was a great slasher, great transition finisher, great postup guy, great midrange game, and had flawless footwork. The same can be said about Kobe as well. Now in terms of being a great passer, great rebounder, great defender,and great scorer all in one, Lebron is as good as any SF ever. It's just the scoring skillset that's not as varied.

In terms or being great or dominant, u don't have to be great at all technical facets of the game. It's about dominance and results. And Bron can stuff a stat sheet and provide versatility damn near unparalled in NBA history!

IT's crazy how people compare players of different era's. Jordan came into the league not with the jumper he developed,not with the post moves, not with the hitting the open man for a winning bucket. He developed most of this in his 8-10 year in the league.Lebron had gotten better each year. Im not sayiing he is more skilled than MJ just saying it took MJ a few years to develop also.
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