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Default Re: Crazed anti-Kobe troll crap

Originally Posted by HorryIsMyMVP
Maybe I'm just not picking up on internet sarcasm. But you can't make a joke about LA's bigs not being dominate without it being an insult to Gasol. The dude pretty much averaged 20 and 11 on over 50% shooting. So when he plays amazing it's all Kobe who is responsible. And when Gasol plays poorly it's all Gasol's fault for why they lose. It seems to me that Gasol was the focal point of LA. Their success is determined on Gasol's play.

I don't recall anyone ever saying Kobe was responsible for everything. But I do recall haters say Kobe didn't deserve the FMVP and that he was being carried like always, because he had a poor game 7. But you can refresh my memories.
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