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Default Re: Amir Johnson Play's At UTSC Scarbrough Campus

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
That's amazing man, have fun. A few have my friends have gone over the past two years and it sounds absolutely crazy, can't wait to go myself someday! How old did you think I was, by the way?
I dunno, I thought you were a year or 2 older than me. Not really sure where I got that from. But yeah man, gonna be my first time there. I actually won a trip to vegas at a mall raffle last year, and ironically it was on my bday. And I have 1 year to redeem it so I figure what better time to use it than on my 25th bday. I also had the option of taking 1 guest. I considered taking a girl with me because then i'd have someone to come back to at night. But then my senses kicked in and i'm like f*ck that, it's vegas. Taking one of my boys so I have a wingman.
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