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Default Re: Chris Paul out 8 weeks after Thumb Surgery

Originally Posted by KOBEtherealKing
So basically 2-4 months.

Why don't they just say months instead of weeks, I hate when people say a babies age in months instead of years.

Sandra, sweating profusely, not to mention urinating at an alarming rate on the operating table finally squeezes out her baby to a shocked looking Jason. He could never handle the sight of blood, stretching as far back to the night he took Sandra's virginity and proceeded to run home crying, trousers soaked with the stuff and by the time he got home, caked in it. The nurse hands the baby to the mother and Jason finally plucks up the courage to wipe the afterbirth onto the operating table cloth before cradling the babe in his arms.

Six months later and baby Bianca is sporting an elated expression as she wees on the sofa cushions. "Quick, Jase!...", Sandra's bursts out, "...get the wet wipes!". As quick as a flash, Jason bolts down the stairs clutching a pack of baby wipes and proceeds to clean up the mess. "Thank Christ she didn't do that while Bobby was here..." DING. DING DING. Jason and Sandra make their way to the door.

"Welcome, Bobby!", Jason & Sandra greet in unison. "Heeeeeeeeeeey, It's Jason and Sandra! AND BABY PUMPKIN BIANCA!", enthuses Uncle Bobby. "I'm sorry it's taken this long to see you guys, but work etcetera." he sighs. "But, let's make the most of it while I'm here. How old is the adorable bundle of joy now?"

"She's nought point five years old.", declares Jason. "You what?" queries Uncle Bobby. "Nought. Point. Five. Years. Now, come on in, you must be starving not to mention parched, I've got a few ales out back!" said Jason. "You know what, I think I left the light back on in the flat, I'm just going to go back and switch it off quick time." says Bobby. "Bu...but, you live in Dubai", says Jason to much puzzlement. "Yeah, but you have to think about cost nowadays. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, A-HAHA!", and just like that, Bobby walked back towards his Audi R8 and reversed out of the drive.
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