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Default Re: Free throw routine?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
It's going to be difficult to say how long it should take one to release the ball once curling off a screen. A fun recommendation I often make is to tape yourself shooting around. Often, how we feel like we look often varies greatly from how we really look. For instance, my younger brother (an incoming freshman) always thought he was practicing hard and really getting low and elevating on his jumpers. But once he saw video of what he really looked like, it became clear that he could and very much should speed his entire process up. He found his previous shot speed almost laughable.

If I'm stuck shooting by myself (or even with a partner) I'm a fan of using chairs. I usually place one at the elbow then use it as something to run around, similar to coming off a screen. And in truth, I'm not sure there's ever going to be a time where your release can be took fast (as long as you're not sacrificing the purity and function of your stroke). As always, when using chairs, I concentrate on jabbing, sprinting, curling hard, staying low, and producing a quick release.

I'll also say this, practice not with your classmates in mind, but with your best possible competition. Depending on your school, it may not be too entirely difficult to rise to the top of your food chain and dominate everyone in your class (then eventually your school). It's best to plan for the taller, faster, longer, more athletic competition you'll inevitably face once your season begins (or next season if you end up playing freshman ball, because the bigger and stronger tend to play up a level, so you may not see them for a year or two). This is why I always suggest chasing something faster, quicker, higher and stronger. It won't be enough to be just good enough to beat the people you play with.
I don't think I'll have much trouble finding competition in my grade. Our school has one of the strongest basketball programs in California and top 25 in the nation. I see 6'5 freshman walking around and already being talked to by the jv coaches. . Earlier in the summer I attended a basketball camp where they filmed my shot and emailed to me later with tips to improve( a lot of the same points that you cover). I don't think posting that file of me shooting back in June will be much help because my shot looks quite a bit different now.
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