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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Holy shit- read it again and it gets even dumber. You really should avoid posting on theory of the game. Posting up is very important and effective at any size- have you never really seen Jordan, Kobe, Paul pierce, magic, on and on and on......

How did you ever come up with those thoughts? Im sorry to hate on you but really feel bad for you

LMAO.. Then tell me what undersize big has won in this league? LOL None thats why melo has been a constant loser coz hes playing style sucks. Jordan, kobe, etc never depend on their post game while melo does. Its his first move while those winners only post up if theyre defended by small players. Those guys are great slashers and shooters. Sorry melo is the opposite of these guys. Bird, johson are big men who plays like guards while melo is a guard who plays like a big man. If you really understand basketball, you would realize that guards are more skilled than bigs to compensate for their lack of height and so every player should model their games on guards not big men. But go on if you think melo is doing the right way. Hes a dumbass. Reggie miller/ray allen are even more impactful players than him despite not being superstars. And you know why? Because they are the ideal sgs.
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