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Default Re: Pistons Roster Not Finished?

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Shabazz will be a top 3 at worst - no way our team falls into that category this year... We would be lucky / unlucky (depending on how you look at it) to get a top 10 pick again this year....

That's why I said if we're going to be in the lottery it better be a really high pick this time around. English isn't the answer as a backup. It's obviously highly unlikely and a dream to be able to grab someone like Shabazz. Imagine being able to have Stuckey backing up Knight and Shabazz though.... he's going to be a game changer in the NBA. That would be a roster that could possibly be the best in the East. That's the type of move we need. Right now we're mediocre at best. Even if we end up with the #10 pick this time around we need to look at packaging it with other players and moving up to #2 or #3. I hope it's a season where our young C's get plenty of PT, we get to see some more of Daye, more Jerebko, more Knight, and just let these young guys develop.
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