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Default Re: Players that are labeled as (even if unfairly) chokers

Originally Posted by BrickingStar
Have you read some of you're post retard? You've clearly become a dick riding kobe stan good thing ISH brought the negs back it did justice have retards like you walking in red so we can steer safe from your kind.

so what I wrote about choking implies that a person is a Kobe Stan?
nice job going off topic when you obviously didn't read what I wrote and just wrote a bunch of messy personal insults because you hate Kobe and I like him.
This thread isn't even about him. Nice. But looks like someone's mad.
I don't care about the reps because they are downvoted by people with difference of opinions anyway. It's funny I actually post relevant info while morons like you post personal insults, yet I'm getting downvoted. But of course the rep system is what we should all go by when judging a person.

It's your* btw, but of course I'm the retard.

have fun responding to this. only proves you are an idiot.
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