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Default Annoyed at Deron Williams for not joining Mavs?

If Cuban should be mad at somebody, might as well be Deron Williams, the three-time All-Star that Cuban now says did the Mavs a favor by re-signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Of course, that's just silly spin. Williams left his hometown high and dry. The Mavs' pursuit of the Dallas-area sensation had the city in a tizzy awaiting his decision. When Williams announced on Twitter that he was sticking with the free-spending Nets, the city wheezed like a basketball losing its air and fell just as flat.

It took a bit of nifty maneuvering to get the fan base back on board, but still a D-Will-Dirk pairing will forever be an intriguing unknown. Plus, had D-Will signed up, Kidd would have been back in the fold as well and in his proper place at this point in his illustrious career -- coming off the bench for 20 or so minutes a night. And all this rafter talk wouldn't even be an issue.

-- ESPN Dallas
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