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Default Re: Spike a sellout for embracing Knicks killer?

Originally Posted by eurobum
because there are things more important than basketball believe it or not. spike lee was one of the only black indie filmmakers in the 90s and has done a lot for the film industry in that regard. i can't remember which movie, but one of his bigger projects he was lacking funding, which the studios wouldn't give him. he called up MJ (oprah and others) and flat out told it like it was ... needed money. MJ wrote a check on the spot.

that > basketball.

it was Malcolm X....and Spike gave MJ, and all the other personal contributors credit in the end fact...think there is a dream team bus shot in the end credits of Magic and Michael.

Cosby, Oprah,etc...

they got their money back on the back end.

i understand that but I have old articles from Ebony , and spike is TRUE BLUE and ORANGE knicks fan..first thing he did when he got film money was buy season tickets...even before buying a home...
how do you bleed orange and blue and be best friends with guy who PERSONALLY roadblocked any title plans?
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