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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

I have the 3rd pick in 12 team standard scoring league in which everything is standard except for QB completions and incompletions.

You get half a point for a every completion, but lose half a point for every incompetion thrown by your QB. Every other scoring setting is standard.

First pick is most definitely going Rodgers. Second pick has been bouncing around from Brady, Brees, Foster, and Cam for the past couple of weeks. I don't know if he's fucking with everyone or if he really has no idea who he's going with.

Brady had ~470 fantasy points last year. He had 401 completions and 210 incompletions, which would have given him an extra 95.5 points for a grand total of 566 fantasy points.

Brees had 544 fantasy points last year. He had 468 completions and 189 incompletions, which would have given him and extra 139.5 points for a grand total of 683 fantasy points.

I had Brees last year and he was the main reason I won another 14 team league. This year though, due to all the weapons in NE and the uncertainty in the Big Easy, I have Brady ahead of Brees.

I'm definitely going QB with my first pick, as it would be foolish not to grab one of the elite QBs in a league like this. If #2 goes Brees, I'm going Brady. If #2 goes Brady, I'm going Brees.

My question is, on the off chance that both Brees and Brady are available at #3, who would you rather have the upcoming season?
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