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Default Re: Players that are labeled as (even if unfairly) chokers

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
ISH logic is maddeningly stupid. People here legitimately believe that being undefeated in the finals makes a player better than another player who's gotten to MORE finals, but has one less ring or whatever. I actually saw someone make a case that Magic's career wasn't that great, because even though he got to the finals 9 times, he "only" won 5. Motherfvcker, name one other player not named Bill Russell who did that.
I understand that aspect of it, which of course should be brought into attention.. but that's why I didn't include players like Magic and Kareem... who between them have gone to something like 20 Finals appearances... it's one thing when you've just gone to a lot of finals (kobe 7 finals appearances, Magic 9, Kareem 11?) but it's another when you've by far got a losing record in the Finals (Malone 0-2, Lebron 1-2, Wilt 2-9)

I fell in love with Kareem's disgust over Kobe's championship. Maybe I'll change it back at some point.

I like your new avy better. Kareem is one of the most hilariously sarcastic/stoic figures in all of sports. That's totally a face that he would pull if he saw one of his rivals get a ring. He's also one of the most educated athletes as well, or at least one of the most well-spoken/well-written players in the league.
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