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Default Deadspin did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a top Sports PR guy

Here are a couple of tidbits:

LeBron at 19 and Lance Armstrong were the biggest jerks he ever dealt with.

Warrick Dunn, Sean Casey, Ben Gordon, Terrell Owens, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant are very nice with fans and their personal lives (Owens is a weird one to mention right now).

Cocaine use in UFC and football is fairly widespread.

Closeted athletes hide that stuff even from their PR guys (the most guarded secret of all)

The dumbest thing a client of his has ever done is jerk off on camera and allow a group of women to record him

Steroid usage is higher in high school than the pros

Pros generally go out to bars way less than people of similar age. They just end up calling groupies to their hotel rooms a lot of the time.

90% of pros cheat on their spouses.

A shocking number of coaches' daughters get railed by players on the team.

Too many people in the media promise no negative coverage in return for hanging out/partying with athletes. Calls out Stephen A and WIlbon in particular.

One of his pro wrestler clients banged 5 women in one night.

NBA players are the biggest jerks in pro sports.

Warrick Dunn and Charles Woodson are among the only athletes who run legit charities.

As expected the big name guys in the Olympics don't have that much fun while they are competing. Too much pressure to **** around the first week.

About half his clients smoke weed (less than I would have guessed).

insidej0b 5 hours ago
What is the biggest cluster**** you've ever had to clean up for one of your clients?

AnonymousPRGuy @insidej0b 5 hours ago
a huge bar room brawl that also involved a famous rapper

HugoStiglitz 5 hours ago
Most degrading thing a woman has done to get with an athlete?

AnonymousPRGuy @HugoStiglitz 5 hours ago
I watched a woman let five guys *** on her face once in front of the athlete cause he told her she had to in order to sleep with him. He then told her to give her a blow job and get out. I was not one of the five btw{"type":"iframeUpdated"," height":44001}
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