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Default Re: There is something wrong with ISH considers Wilt the 7th greatest player of all-time

Originally Posted by LeBird
I find it ironic that the OP is upset that people tend to vote for people like Jordan based on media/hype which is, simply, other people's opinions; and then is upset that Wilt is 6th, because, well...other people usually don't vote him that low. That's, basically, the same thing.

Honestly, what makes it right that Jordan is first? Bird 5th or x 7th? The players are that close that you can justifiable change the order and have proper reasons to do so. It's why I don't put much stock in these things.


And come on people are biased on these boards as well.
Some people have agendas vs. certain players and their are certain fan bases that out weigh the others. I'm biased I'll be the first to admit all my picks have been Lakers for the most part.
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