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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League - Draft Results

RBA... would you do a CJ for McCoy trade?... straight up?

(think about it)

other than that... here was my problem with the draft...

I took Andre Johnson over Peterson... I still like that decision, but now I wonder if I should of taken Gronkowski instead.

I took Trent Richardson in the third... but the only player in that round I was thinking about was Jennings... (Wes Welker could be good pick there too.)

4th Round... I wanted Damaryius Thomas... but he went right before my pick... So it was either Antonio Gates or Miles Austin.... I went with Gates because Austin is out the entire preseason and tends to have injury problems.

5th Round... Dwayne Bowe or Frank Gore... I took Gore, and there's a good chance I might regret not taking Bowe instead (but you need to have plenty of RBs)

6th Round... I didn't like any of the WR's left on the board... so I took a gamble on Vick. (got Matt Schaub in the 9th for back up).
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