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Default Re: Pistons Roster Not Finished?

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Middleton looks to be a solid prospect, and Daye still has potential (this is his last year to prove it...

Mate you seem kind of down on Middleton, Singler, English - I think all 3 of them can be very solid supporting acts to Knight / Monroe / Drummond (eventually). Just curious why you are down on these guys? Maybe I am missing something

There's no way all of those 2nd round picks are going to be solid players in the NBA. 2nd rounders don't last long typically. Remember how awesome everyone though Terrico White was? I don't even know where he's at now. Do you really want Singler guarding Lebron James and English guarding Dwayne Wade? I'm just saying it's not enough firepower to be good. I'm not upset about it. Like I've been saying we're still a piece away.
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