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Default Re: If Nash tears his ACL, who starts for the lakers?

Originally Posted by Jacks3
They'd still be contenders without Nash. We're still talking a top 3 player in the league+ the best SG+ a top 5 PF and solid role-players in Hill/Jamison/Artest/Meeks.

Kobe/Pau/Dwight are still going to be creating a ton of open looks for everybody, and Dwight alone guarantees them a great defense.

It's better than last year yes, but they had the top SG last year, a top 5 PF last year, and a top 2 center in the NBA last year as well. That team without Nash would be a title contender, but it wouldn't be good enough to get past OKC again. I think we would see the same results.
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