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Default Re: If Nash tears his ACL, who starts for the lakers?

Originally Posted by Jacks3
I disagree. I think you underestimate just how much better Howard is compared to Bynum. Defensively he blows Bynum away. Last year we were ranked 13th in DRTG. With Howard I expect the Lakers to be in the top 5 at least. Offensively he's a much better fit because of his far superior foul-drawing, offensive rebounding, better passing, and much better mobility.

Seriously, he's wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Bynum.

I think the Lakers have a very good shot at beating the Thunder with Dwight in there even with no Nash.

You have more of an argument against Miami than OKC here. The Thunder are more of a perimeter team and have some people in the front court to match up with Howard. I did say LA is better with Howard, but I also think people are overestimating his value if they are saying this makes them the favorites without Nash.

I understand you are a Lakers fan so you are going to argue with me either way, but the Nash effect with Gasol and Howard scares me a lot more than a similar offense to last year.
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