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Default Re: When did you start playing basketball?

I began playing organized basketball in 3rd grade.

I think how good I am at playing 5-on-5 has to do with the ability of my opponents. I believe I'm well versed enough now to excel in many 5-on-5 games. At the same time, I think I've established my skills well enough to hang in games where everyone else may be superior to me, though I do not come across that situation very frequently, as I do not live in a minor league or Division I basketball hotbed.

I became skilled through many years of all forms of practice, play, exercise, and commitment. I shot by myself, I drilled with others, I played on official teams, I played in rec. leagues, I played pick-up, I worked on ball-handling skills in my garage, I jumped rope, I lifted weights, I set goals, I ran, I did sprints, I ate right. I'm not sure anyone that responds in this thread is going to have a simple answer as to how they became good ballplayers. It's almost always going to be a grand culmination of various forms of practice, discipline and motivation.

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