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Default Re: When did you start playing basketball?

I started playing when I was in the 4th grade.

I am decent when it comes to playing 5v5 settings. I am not a ball hog so I bring balance to whatever team I play on. If I have a dominate player on my team, which my buddy is, I bring that balance. He likes to shoot, where I like to rebound, pass, get a few pts, and play defense. If I am playing on a team and we do not have a lot of scoring, I might score the first 8-9 pts, and let my other teammates get the remaining pts in a game up to 15.

I got pretty good through practice on my own, by playing against high school or college players (when I was younger), and by playing in high school and rec leagues. I even tried out for UConn back in the day when we had Chris Smith/Cliff Robinson/Phil Gamble. I was a student at UConn (1987-1992) and there were open tryouts. I figured that I had some game, why not! That was my wake up call.

Being 6'4"-6'5" in high school, you are the man. In college it is a whole new ball game.
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