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Default Re: When did you start playing basketball?

Originally Posted by BarneyStinson

When did you guys start to play basketball? How good are you guys now when playing a 5 on 5 game? How did you guys become good? Practice by yourself or just by playing pick up?

I played basketball on a team in 4th grade, but I was terrible. I was a sickly child, though, and I was like 80 pounds. Even though I was fast, I could hardly get the ball over the rim.

In 6th grade I started playing for real, but I never stayed on a team for long. Looking back, I was stupid. I wanted them to see how good I was as soon as I played. I didn't want to come off the bench.

But yeah, I was never the type of player who people would see and say I was good. The people who played with me a lot knew. I had one of those awkward Antoine Walker/Stacy Augmon type games. I never did any drills. I played street ball and with my friends. The only time I played by myself was waiting for a game.

My brain is visual spatial, though, so I don't really learn through building blocks like drills. It's just kind of an epiphany thing. When I try to think or master a certain thing, it throws off my intuition.

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