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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Sakkreth
Not too many guys capable from Root to make it out anyways and probably none of them are expected to.
Well the brackets this time around tbh are really weak compared to other MLGs. I don't think there's enough Koreans signed up in the open bracket. There's JYP, Leenock, MKP, asd, TheStC, Heart, and Killer. Then there's weaker level koreans like Crank, HwangSin, Apocalypse, SeleCT (most don't even consider him Korean), and IceCream/Illusion.

That's 12, and theres 8 through the open bracket and 8 through the losers bracket. Meaning there will be at least 4 foreigners making it through. Plus, not all of these koreans are guaranteed to make it through. Remember last MLG when Zenio lost to like a plat league player and ROOTFitzy?

I do expect probably 2 ROOT players to make it out is I guess what I'm getting at. I'm also pointing this out to show that there will probably be some pretty weak brackets and some really strong brackets (as there always is).

Can't wait to find out what the brackets are today. I'll probably drop my predictions of who makes it out of all of them.
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